Coronavirus COVID-19 Measures & Procedures

Please be aware that we are no longer "open" to the public. You can place an order online or over the telephone. Your goods will be picked and placed on a pallet outside the collection point for you to collect. You must not enter the office, shop or warehouses at any point. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us.
Telephone: 01209 204 777.


Due to current risks associated with the coronavirus, Carters Packaging has implemented the following actions:

Advice & training is being given to all employees and posters are being displayed to heighten the awareness of COVID-19 and minimise the potential/risk of COVID-19 being contracted or spread on site.

Employees are being asked to sign up to a news feed or bulletin on the Coronavirus from an advisory service such as NHS, WHO, ACAS, CIPD, CDC.

All employees are being requested to contact their GP should they feel that they are suffering from the symptoms COVID-19.

Advice is being given on the best methods and procedures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Employees are being made aware of the importance of self-isolation should they fall ill.

The existing handwashing regime has been strengthened along with the regular use of alcohol sanitising gels.

Unnecessary and/or non-urgent customer, supplier and/or contractor visits to Carters Packaging Ltd site have been or will be cancelled or postponed.


In order to minimise the impact on our customers, the following methods and procedures are in place, or have been implemented:

Each department within Carters Packaging Ltd has multi-skilled personnel capable of covering colleagues during illness and/or holidays.

Senior staff are able to multi-task within the business to provide additional cover during illness and/or holidays.

Suppliers are able and prepared to provide additional technical and logistical support should the need arise.

Customer stock holding can be increased in the short term to ensure an adequate and continued supply of a product.

Deliveries & External Couriers


DX (Delivered Exactly) Courier -

If you wish to avoid signing for deliveries from DX, the driver will enter your name and enter "CV".

The customer will then have the opportunity at a delivery point to confirm any damage or missing parcels. This cannot be reported through our Claims Process at a later date.

The CV signature will then be classed as a successful delivery.


Parcelforce Courier -

Parcelforce is trying to avoid any signatures on handheld machines to avoid the spread of Corvid 19. Instead as a temporary measure, like DX, the driver will enter your name and enter "CV".

The CV signature will then be classed as a successful delivery.

If you have any issues with your deliveries, please contact us at Carters Packaging, we will do our best to help resolve any issues.

Stay safe everyone!