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Food Containers | Hinged Boxes

This selection of containers are suitable for both hot and cold food products. Consider our Vegware and EcoWare ranges for compostable solutions, or 100% recyclable EPS foams for a cost-effective option.

This range includes popular food containers from the Vegware brand. All of our bagasse and bio containers are made from reclaimed sugarcane fibres and therefore 100% commercially compostabe with food waste, where accepted. The window boxes are made from Kraftboard and the film used is manufactured from PLA (plants).

We stock a vast variety of different food packaging, so if you are looking for something else, please send us an enquiry or call us for more support.

+ Eco-Friendly Food Storage Containers


Environmentally friendly food containers made from bagasse. Perfect for all types of food!

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+ Vegware | Compostable Window Boxes


Environmentally friendly containers for food use.

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+ Vegware | Bagasse Clamshell Food Containers


Eco-friendly containers for hot or cold food.

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+ Bio Kraft Food Tubs | Contora Range


Bio Kraft Food Tubs
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Full range of plastic-free food containers.

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