Outdoor Netting, Fencing, Shade & Windbreaks

Netting, Windbreaks & Shade

Windbreaks are ideal for all kinds of crops and offer instant protection from various factors such as wind, dust and even livestock.

Protecting plants, crops and seedlings from the gusty and often unpredictable weather is an everyday part of the horticultural business. Whether you are looking to provide shelter from the wind, shade protection from the burning summer sunshine or simply a deterrent for the beautiful but persistent wildlife then our professional heavy duty windbreak netting and bird cage netting are some of the most-effective solutions around, plus they can be tailored to your garden, allotment or field.

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+ Windbreak Netting - Loktex Monofilament 50%


Our monofilament windbreaks are tough and long lasting with a life span of approximately 6-8 years. Reduces windspeed over 50%.

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+ Windbreak Netting - Loktex Lockstitch 55%


Our Loktex lockstitch windbreaks are superior grade products, offering strength and an even longer lasting life span of approximately 8-10 years.

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+ Fruit Cage Netting


Fruit Cage Netting
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Fruit cage netting is an ideal solution for helping to protect your fruit and vegetables from birds. The closely woven mesh is a great deterrent and will stop most birds in their tracks.

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