Strong Industrial Buckles for Strapping

Strapping Buckles

We supply a range of high quality strapping, yet without a premium quality buckle the integrity of load containment can be compromised. At the end of the day a strapped consignment is only as good as the strapping joint, which is why our range of Strapping Buckles has been chosen for their excellent proven performance. Metal Strapping Buckles are predominantly used with Woven Cord, Composite Polyester, and Hotmelt Cord Polyester strappings, but some are suitable for use with Polypropylene Strapping. Plastic Buckles are used solely for Polypropylene Strapping.

Sheradised Metal Buckles – Ideal for use with Woven and Hotmelt strappings. High performance, High-grip, and highly weather resistant.

Galvanised Metal Buckles – Ideal for use with Composite, and some polypropylene strappings. Reliable buckles without the sheradised coating.

Plastic Buckles – For use with 12mm Polypropylene Hand Strapping. Negates the need for strapping tools and is only recommended for lightweight tasks.

+ Galvanised Metal Buckles


Galvex branded Galvanised Strapping Buckles offer comprehensive joint performance at competitive prices.

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+ Sheradised Metal Buckles


Optigrip branded Sheradised Strapping Buckles are a high performance product and offer enhanced grip to prevent slip after application.

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+ Plastic Buckles


Plastic Buckles
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Plastek branded Plastic Strapping Buckles are an economical and easy to use option for lightweight strapping applications using 12mm Polypropylene Strapping.

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