Plastic Buckles

Plastek branded Plastic Strapping Buckles are an economical and easy to use option for lightweight strapping applications using 12mm Polypropylene Strapping.

These plastic buckles are designed solely for use with Polypropylene Strapping. The buckles are simple to use and no other equipment is required. The operator simply feeds the strapping through the buckle and pulls the strap tight to achieve the required tension. Once completed, the strap will not slip back through the buckle. They are perfect for lighter duties and offer an economical and fast way to secure packages.

In some applications plastic buckles may offer a viable alternative to metal buckles. They are more cost-effective and would be of benefit to any environment wishing to avoid the use of metal. However, they are neither as strong nor durable as metal buckles and are therefore only suitable for light tasks.

Plastic Buckles
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