Acrylic Polypropylene Tapes - 25mu

Polypropylene tape with acrylic adhesive, for cost-effective manual sealing of non-critical cartons.

This range of tapes are our most economical offering, and are suitable for the more cost-conscious customer or those using high volumes of tape which do not require a high performance product. Designed for manual carton sealing these tapes can be applied with use of a dispenser or by hand, so long as some downward pressure is applied upon application. Also used for a multitude of general packaging uses and common taping operations.

The main advantage of these acrylic-adhesive tapes is obviously cost, however they benefit from the following properties:

  • Good conformity and adhesion to most shapes, uniform and irregular.
  • A degree of resistance to moisture once applied.
  • Good mechanical strength.
  • Good degree of resistance to changes in temperature.
  • Resistant to yellowing and weathering.

This style of tape has a quick tack adhesive and is commonly recognised by its noisy unwind when pulled from the roll. We would not recommend acrylic polypropylene tape for use with boxes that have a recycled finish, although they work fine in some cases – if in doubt please request a sample. All of our cardboard box range have a pure Kraft outer and so should be compatible with this class of tape. We currently have a large selection of sizes available in either transparent or brown.

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