Tin-Tie Window Bags | Coffee Bags

Paper food-safe bags with windows and tin-tie closures.

Traditional brown or bleached white Kraft window bags produced with an integral tin-tie closure.  Please note the tin-tie is integral to the bag and cannot be removed (at least not with any finesse!), but does allow them to be resealed.

Looking for a bag with a PLA window. Vegware Bloomer.

Essentially an SOS satchel, these benefit from the classic block-bottom construction enabling them to stand upright when filled, and the shelf appeal is enhanced by the film window.

The inner laminated lining increases shelf-life and helps eliminate any leakages. Furthermore, the poly lining enables the bag to be heat-sealed which enhances all of the benefits previously mentioned. Alternatively, the bags can be sealed by means of the attached tin-tie. Either way, after purchase and initial opening your customers can than re-seal the bags using the tin-tie, enabling them to keep the freshness in!

  • Paper bag is recyclable.
  • Traditional brown or bleached white in stock.
  • Laminated inner lining (heat sealable).
  • Tin-tie resealable closure.
  • Plastic display windows.

We are currently trying to resource these bags.

What these bags are used for is only limited to what will fit in them! Suitable for direct contact with food, they are ideally suited to dry food goods such as coffee (ground or beans), tea, granola, muesli & other cereals, fudge, chocolates, sweets, any powdered or ground foodstuffs, dried fruits, baked goods, etc. They are also suitable for any number of non-food applications, such as bagging potpourri, plant bulbs, certain seeds, gifts. etc.

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