1-Line Label Guns

Single line label guns for effortless fast pricing or number coding of products. Available in both standard and premium models.

We have a comprehensive range of single line labelling systems in stock, from those aimed at the less challenging environment through to those designed for the most demanding of applications. Although these priceguns offer varying features, attributes and cost, all are easy to work with and consistently offer a fast and efficient labelling solution.


Sato Corporation is a global supplier of Automatic Identification and Data Collection solutions, and is relied upon worldwide by customers for their products’ accuracy and labour & resource savings. Having developed the first hand labellers, Sato continues to manufacture robust and user friendly products and labels for all applications. We have been selling Sato priceguns for many years and can vouch for their incredible value, reliability, print quality and customer satisfaction. We keep Sato spares and replacement parts in stock for immediate despatch. In this category we are offering the Sato Kendo model.


Lynx is the UK’s leading brand of labelling guns and are renowned for their reliability and consistent, fast action. We have access to the most comprehensive range of Lynx labelling guns and labels, all in stock for immediate despatch. Manufactured in Europe to the very highest standards, Lynx handheld labellers are notorious for their design, handling and dependability. They are robustly constructed for durability in heavy usage and can cope with the most demanding of retail environments, providing clear, positive print time after time. Given the exceptional build quality, Lynx labellers are surprisingly well priced and will undoubtedly outlast cheaper versions. Furthermore, should the need arise we keep a range of spare parts so repairs are normally quick and economical. 

If you are looking for a particular model of label gun which you cannot see on our website, then do not hesitate in contacting us for assistance as we have a much wider selection in stock but are currently not on this site yet. 

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1-Line Label Guns
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