Manilla Gift Tags | Reinforced Product Labels

Highly versatile strung manilla tags which are equally at home as a stock label in a parts store as they are upon a retro gift in a retail outlet, and everything in between!

These brown manilla tags are a favourite of a broad range of customers in various industries. Incorporating the traditional ‘parcel tag’ shape and benefitting from a reinforced hole, these strung tags have a multitude of uses including: Gift tags, repair tags, stock labels, shipping labels, pricing labels, and product information labels.

They have the unusual ability to look either industrial or sophisticated, depending on the application, and can be hand written or stuck with a label. These cost-effective pre-strung tags would be hand applied.

Currently we stock six different sizes: Obviously, the bigger the tag the more legible information it can convey.

Sold in boxes of 1000.

Manilla Gift Tags | Reinforced Product Labels
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