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PVC Vinyl Tapes

Strong PVC also referred to as Vinyl tape is available in clear, brown (buff) or coloured and is generally designed with a natural rubber and resin adhesive which is aggressive and longer lasting than other types of tape. It is also better quality and quieter to use than Polypropylene.

Our range of packaging tapes are ‘Pressure-Sensitive Tapes’ which literally means they are applied with some pressure to help adhesion.

PVC – Also referred to as vinyl tape. Premium packing tape, with natural/synthetic rubber & resin adhesives on a PVC backing. Good instant adhesion to a number of different materials. Very good for colder or dusty environments. Silent unwind. Resistant to moisture and humidity after application. If you have any doubt as to which tape would best suit your application, please contact us for advice.

+ Coloured PVC Tape


Coloured PVC tape can be used for heavier duty packaging tasks because of its increased strength and overall performance. Also practical for colour coding packaging.

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Our Vibac PVC tape is strong, long-lasting, quiet to work with and will endure fluctuating conditions. One of the highest quality tapes you can opt for.

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