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Art Supplies | Artist Papers | Specialist Cartridge Paper

Art supplies including high quality cartridge paper, sugar paper and a whole range of other specialist artist papers! Most paper sizes in stock!

We supply top of the range art supplies and Higher Kings paper products. Additional products that we supply but are not currently listed here are:

  • Freeze Rolls
  • Pastel Card
  • Ten Card
  • Vivid Card
  • Intensive Colour Card
  • Kraft Paper Sheets

+ Brite Card | Higher Kings Mill | 340mu Colour Card


High quality 100% recycled card (340mu) supplied in packs of 100 containing 5 different colours.

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+ Cartridge Paper | Higher Kings Mill | 170gsm


Cartridge Paper
From £4.52

White high quality cartridge paper (170gsm) available in A1, A2, A3 and A4 International paper sizes.

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+ Black Card | Higher Kings Mill | 290mu


Black Card
From £4.88

Strong 290mu black card produced from 100% recycled material.

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+ Sugar Paper | Higher Kings Mill | Coloured Art Papers


Sugar Paper
From £14.06

High quality 100% recycled sugar paper supplied in either A2 or A1 sizes. Various packages available including assorted colour packs.

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+ Kaleidoscope Paper | Higher Kings Mill | 100gsm Papers


Kaleidoscope Paper
From £21.23

Coloured lightweight 100gsm Kaleidoscope paper supplied in packs of 250.

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+ Metal Paint Tins - Lever Lids


White metal tins with lever lids. Exactly like paint tins and ideal for storing a range of different substances.

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