Pizza Packaging: Plain and Printed Designs

Pizza Boxes: Plain and Printed Pizza Box

Pizza boxes in traditional plain brown Kraft, plain white and some printed design choices. Practical selection of sizes in stock.

Every one of our pizza boxes is easy to put together using a series of folding tabs and once the box is shut, the pizza will be well insulated inside helping to keep it warm before cosumption. Another valued aspect of using cardboard is that it is environmentally friendly and can be recycled easily.

Interested in having bespoke pizza packaging for your business? Give our friendly sales team a call for a free no obligation quotation (bespoke printing is subject to a minimum order quantity).

+ Plain Brown Kraft Pizza Boxes


Traditional brown pizza boxes are an economical solution which can be tailored for any business.

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+ Plain White Pizza Boxes


Simple and clean looking, white pizza boxes offer a visual laternative to the traditional brown style.

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+ Printed Pizza Boxes


Printed Pizza Boxes
From £10.55

Printed pizza boxes with the traditional folding lid. Make more of an impact with your packaging by choosing a generic printed design.

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