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If it tastes good, make it look good. Why? Because before people eat your product, they need to see your product! With the shear amount of choice in today's food market, standing out from the shelf is even more challenging but also more rewarding when executed effectively.

We supply a diverse range of food packaging products to an equally diverse customer base – from large companies supplying supermarkets to a one-man-band with a burger van – all of whom benefit from our exceptional levels of customer service and experience in this field.

Food Manufacturers & Processors: We can supply all sorts of primary & secondary packaging materials, and we provide many bespoke packaging solutions to our clients – from products such as anti-fog polyolefin shrinkfilms for growers, to specialist bags, films and vacuum pouches for the fish, meat, cheese and bakery industries. We complement our ability to supply the primary packaging with our capability of supplying secondary packaging and transit packaging – again, this is often bespoke products tailored to our customers’ particular requirements or company branding. We can, for example, supply a company’s printed vacuum pouches, printed boxes or pallet boxes, appropriate tape, embossed pallet sheets, pallet hoods and palletwrap – we can even supply the wooden or plastic pallets! Through decades of experience we have developed a database of the best BRC accredited manufacturing partners with whom we work. From review of current packaging systems, through the design stage and on to order placement, delivery and aftersales feedback, we work with our customers to ensure the most suitable packaging products are supplied.

Food Retailers: Our comprehensive range of packaging for retail food is constantly growing and evolving. Long gone are the days that the only viable option for ready-to-eat food packaging was polystyrene products, with the diverse range of packaging now available reflecting the equally varied offerings of food choices.

No longer is the packaging sufficient to be adequately functional. Thankfully there is more choice today which enhances the presentation and ultimately the appeal to the consumer, and helps to sell your products. You only have to browse through the categories on our website to see that the packaging can add value to your products and brand, whilst displaying and serving your products in the best fashion, and in most instances being good for the planet. We can supply most products with custom print or bespoke sizes & styles, subject to minimum order quantities, and we have the facility to hold stock of these bespoke goods for your call-off – with the ability to deliver to individual sites should you own more than one outlet. So, whether you are a sole operator or the owner of a chain of shops, we can offer the complete package of a comprehensive range of products, excellent levels of service and competitive pricing. Furthermore, we supply a range of janitorial and hygiene products enabling you to benefit from a single source supply solution!

+Ice Cream Tubs | Freezer Tub


Plastic containers designed for storing various food products in fridges and freezers safely. Ideal for the professional kitchen or household.

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+Microwave Containers | Takeaway Plastic Tubs


Food safe tubs designed to withstand hot temperatures. Ideal for meals including curries, chow Meins and rice.

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+Clear Portion Pots


Clear and cloudy portion pots designed for small quantities of sauces such as ketchup.

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+Paper Souffles Sauce Pots


Small paper containers designed for keeping small amounts of produce in such as butter, ketchup or relish.

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+Pudding Bowls (Red)


Red plastic pudding basins perfect for Christmas puds and other occasions.

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+Food Storage Containers | Tamper Evident Tubs


Food Tubs / Pails
From £13.50

Plastic tubs with tamper-evident lids are an excellent storage option for food and other items.

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+Polystyrene Boxes | Food Safe


Polystyrene Boxes
From £16.35

Lightweight Polystyrene boxes consisting of both base and removable lid. Provides an excellent packaging solution for meats and fish.

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+Twine - Food Safe Rayon No.5 (450g)


This twine is designed for cooking with meats, fish and other food items.

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