Orcio Jars

Beautifully designed the Orcio jars are curvaceous and elegant.

Our Orcio jars motto: If you’ve got it, then flaunt it! These jars boast a slender (pear-like) body shape with subtlety added embossed finger nubbin areas to enhance the grip, making it both appealing to the eye and comfortable to hold.

We import these jars from France for your pleasure; so, go on…enjoy a bit of Europe!

  • Beautiful presentation and functionality.
  • Glass is 100% recyclable.
  • Reusable - Grab a jar and go to the refilling station.
  • 314ml capacity for those premium recipes.
  • Metal lids with a hermetic seal.

 For specific jar measurements, please click on each jar's "code ref" in the price matrix below.

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CodeSizeDescriptionLid Diam.Priced In12-45-910-1415+ QTY Total

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314ml Round Orcio Jar https://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_228_E300_Orcio-Jars_629c1c.jpg Beautifully designed the Orcio jars are curvaceous and elegant.
314ml Orcio 63mm Batch ( 28 ) £18.52£16.95£16.17£15.19£14.31 £0.00
Height with Lid 99mm
Height without Lid 95mm
Inner Neck Diameter 54mm
Outer Neck Diameter 58mm
Neck Height 15mm
Shoulder Indent 20mm
Middle Diameter (widest point) 72mm
Base Diameter 53mm
Lid Diameter 63mm
Lid Type Twist-Off
Lid Colour Gold (as standard)

All of our jars are supplied with gold lids as standard and unless specifically stated. You do not need to buy lids unless you require extra.

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