Potato Bags | Pre-Printed Plastic Sacks

Clear polythene bags for supplying potatoes in.

Our strong polythene potato sacks are (surprisingly) the ideal option for packaging fresh potatoes in!

The thickness (micron) of the polythene is strong in all of our bags but increases with the overall load capacity to ensure your product is well protected and packaged securely. These particular bags come with a pre-printed message on which reads “Selected Potatoes” to help make them easy to identify during storage or when in transit. We have a refined selection of popular sizes available, each with their own weight allowance clearly printed on the front.

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Plastic Potato Bags 1.5kghttps://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_1667_E300_Pre-Printed-Polythene-Potato-Sacks_085df5.jpgClear polythene bags for supplying potatoes in.
230 x 330mm25mu1.5kgBatch ( 1000 )£17.00£16.50£16.00£15.50£14.85£0.00
Plastic Potato Bags 2kghttps://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_1667_E300_Pre-Printed-Polythene-Potato-Sacks_085df5.jpgClear polythene bags for supplying potatoes in.
250 x 355mm25mu2kgBatch ( 1000 )£21.50£20.50£19.50£18.50£17.50£0.00
Plastic Potato Bags 2.5kghttps://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_1667_E300_Pre-Printed-Polythene-Potato-Sacks_085df5.jpgClear polythene bags for supplying potatoes in.
250 x 395mm28mu2.5kgBatch ( 1000 )£23.75£22.85£21.50£20.00£18.95£0.00
Plastic Potato Bags 5kghttps://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_1667_E300_Pre-Printed-Polythene-Potato-Sacks_085df5.jpgClear polythene bags for supplying potatoes in.
355 x 480mm35mu5kgBatch ( 1000 )£45.00£43.00£41.00£39.00£37.00£0.00

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