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Our range of glass jars are of a consistently high quality and will be attractive to anyone in the market for glass packaging.

Our glass jars are produced from food grade materials and processes, and are therefore suitable for direct contact with food. We have a wide selection of jars to suit any number of applications; many are multi-purpose whilst others are more suited to specific uses. We have jars for jam, honey, chutney, pickles, storage, sweets, Kilner style, large and small jars, tall or slender, curvaceous, hexagonal, round and petite!

Each one of our glass jars and bottles contains a considerable percentage of recycled material, and glass containers themselves are 100% infinitely recyclable – meaning they can be processed through the recycling loop again and again with no loss of strength or quality. Glass jars and glass bottles are widely considered to be the most environmentally friendly packaging, and the use of them is sure to enhance your green credentials. Even virgin glass can be considered as eco-friendly since the raw materials can be sourced locally and are plentiful and natural – sand, soda ash, and limestone.

The humble glass jar can be used in 100’s of applications from storage of foods, cosmetics and toiletries to candle making and glass painting. Glass jars are becoming increasingly popular as a receptacle for wedding favors and gifts. The appropriate glass jar can look great on a wedding table and lends itself to traditional and natural values.

+ Hexagon Jars (Hexagonal Glass, Hex)


Hexagonal Jars
From £15.53

Hexagonal glass jars incorporate a timeless design which can be both traditional and contemporary, whilst being highly practical for an infinite number of contents.

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+ Jam Jars | Wholesale Empty Jars Range


Jam Jars
From £10.53

Quality glass jars ranging from small to large in size and tailored for Jam.

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+ Honey Jar | Clear Glass Honey Jars


Honey Jars
From £13.03

Beautifully designed glass jars for storing only the finest honey in. There couldn't 'Bee' a better choice!

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+ Kilner Jars | Preserving Jars | Spice Jars


Kilner Style Jars with unique fasteners for enhanced freshness and security. Suitable for both hot and cold food use.

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+ Chutney Jars


Chutney Jars
From £11.48

Tall and slender glass jars for chutney, gherkins and jalapeno chillies.

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+ Pickle Jar | Pickling Jars


Large glass jars designed for pickles and cookies, gold lid supplied as standard.

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+ Food Jars | Round Glass Jar


Round Food Jars
From £9.96

Traditional round glass food jars in a range of different sizes and ideal for any food produce.

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+ Round Jars


Round Jars
From £9.96

Round food jars are perhaps the most common of jars used to package traditional product like jam. Our range of sizes will cater for most products and enable you to maintain continuity throughout your range.

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+ Best Selling Jars


Best Sellers
From £10.53

Our collection of best selling jars includes the most popular choices considered by sellers and enthusiasts alike!

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