Compostable Coffee Cups

Compostable white hot drink cups.

These high quality coffee cups are made from compostable and biodegradable materials with a single PLA coating. Designed for supplying hot drinks on the go in busy retail environments.

Compostable Lids: These lids are manufactured from plant based materials and are 100% compostable, subject to the required environment.

Bespoke Print: These cups have the capacity for a bespoke print subject to a minimum order quantity. Please call us for more information.

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44871 Ingeo Compostable 4oz Espresso Cup white hot drink cups.
4ozWhiteS/W Espresso CupBatch ( 1000 )£42.00£38.95£36.50£33.50£29.95£0.00
44872 Ingeo Compostable 8oz S/W Cups white hot drink cups.
8ozWhiteS/W Coffee CupBatch/1000£65.00£62.50£57.50£53.00£50.00£0.00
44873 Ingeo Compostable 12oz S/W Cups white hot drink cups.
12ozWhiteS/W Coffee CupBatch/1000£72.50£68.50£64.00£59.95£55.00£0.00
44877 Compostable Off-White Sip Lid for 8oz white hot drink cups.
8ozOff-WhiteCompostable Sip LidBatch/1000£29.95£29.45£28.75£27.95£26.95£0.00
44878 Compostable Sip Lid for 12/16oz Cup white hot drink cups.
12/16ozOff-WhiteCompostable Sip LidBatch/1000£39.99£38.50£36.50£34.00£31.99£0.00

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