Film Front Bags for Food Use

Film Front Bags

Film Front Bags, sometimes referred to as Clearface Bags, have a multitude of uses in both food and non-food industries. The front of the bag is produced from a high clarity film, whilst the back is produced from a variety of materials, choose the one that best suits your application.

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It’s clear to see that the main advantage for using Film Front bags is from a presentational viewpoint. They look attractive with their clear polypropylene front and emit a clean, hygienic feel with their white backing (available in paper as sulphite or Kraft, or as pearlised). The benefit of this is that it enables customers to clearly see the visual quality of the food products whilst in the packaging. This feature means products can be protected from bugs, moisture etc. whilst still being able to entice a purchase from their good looks; the best of both worlds some might say! Other classical features of the bags are their low-cost, adaptability to hot or cold food products and the variety of sizes in stock means anything from a baguette to a donut can be catered for.

Photos & Birthday Cards

Another common use for the film front bags is in gift shops, card and stationary outlets where they offer protection for photographs, birthday cards and little accessories (bookmarks etc.) and provide an alternative to your typical plastic greeting card bag.

+White Sulphite Film Front Bags


White sulphite paper backed bags with a transparent film front allowing products to be easily seen at all times whilst remaining protected until opened.

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+Brown Kraft Film Front Bags


Strong traditional Kraft paper bags with a film front, ideal for packaging food produce.

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+Biodegradable Film Front Bags


Environmentally friendly versions of the traditional film front bags, incorporating both a biodegradable paper back and a biodegradable film front.

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+Pearlised Film Front Bags


Pearlised film front Bags offer a complete film solution and would be considered a premium product within the range. Produced from a white film back bonded to a clear film face.

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