Hot Food Packaging for Takeaway Meals and Fast Food

Hot Food Packaging | Disposable Takeaway Containers

Our range of hot food packaging includes all the favourites: chip containers, burger boxes, pizza boxes and more.

Take away packaging needs to be functional, it must provide a safe and insulated (where appropriate) environment to keep food products in the best state for customer consumption. It must be lightweight, comfortable to hold, easy to carry (if you don’t include a bag for example), simple to put together, and could be used to help promote your business identity via the use of bespoke print. Other factors that come into play are size, material (considering cost-effectiveness and the impact on the environment), design theme and finally do you need any extras (bags, labels, pens) to help provide a professional service from start to finish?

+ Disposable Deli Containers | Styrofoam Tubs


Disposable polystyrene food tubs are highly versatile and made from economical foam. Wider tubs for olives, soups, noodles, stuffed peppers and dips.

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+ Styrofoam Chip Tray | Chip Box


Foam trays designed from disposable Polystyrene and commonly used to serve takeaway portions of chips.

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+ Paperboard Soup, Chilli and Stew Containers | Hot Food Tubs


Strong white paperboard soup containers with air holes punched through their removable lid. We have both 12oz and 16oz variations in stock.

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+ Greaseproof Food Boxes | Leakproof


Stylish food safe boxes easily tailorable to any food product.

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+ Microwave Containers | Takeaway Plastic Tubs


Microwave Containers
From £26.85

Food safe tubs designed to withstand hot temperatures. Ideal for meals including curries, chow Meins and rice.

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+ Foil Trays | Foil Containers


Aluminium Foils can adapt to be both trays or containers with the aid of optional lids, this section includes your traditional takeaway packaging choices.

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+ Kraft Trays - Shallow Cardboard Food Trays


Shallow cardboard trays designed for food use. Easily adaptable to a range of food serving scenarios including side dishes or salad trays.

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+ Kraft Food Box - Takeaway Containers


All-in-one food box for hot food or salads.

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+ Kraft Soup Tubs


Kraft Soup Tubs
From £34.50

Round paperboard food containers ideal for soups and other hot recipies.

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