Polystyrene Foam Meat Trays

Polystyrene Trays and Meat Pads

Polystyrene foam trays, dishes and pads designed for safely packaging uncooked raw meats. We have a selection of sizes and styles, including deep trays, shallow, large, small, perforated absorbent, poultry tailored dishes and even chip trays. Great options for the meat packing industry, butchers, meat processing and food processing plants. Large quantities in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

+ Polystyrene Food Trays | Shallow Meat Trays


White Polystyrene disposable food trays designed for packaging and transporting food produce.

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+ Perforated Absorbent Polystyrene Food Trays


Polystyrene trays with perforated absorption holes to help soak up meat juices and other spillages or leaks.

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+ Absorbent Meat Pads


Absorbent Meat Pads
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Special absorbent pads designed to soak up unwanted spillages and leakages from meats and other produce.

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+ Styrofoam Chip Tray | Chip Box


Foam trays designed from disposable Polystyrene and commonly used to serve takeaway portions of chips.

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