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Horticultural supplies and products for gardens, farming and outdoors around the home. Florist supplies, netting, windbreaks, ground cover and polytunnels are just the start!

Horticulture, agriculture and farming are hugely influential within the Cornish culture and an important part of the economy. As we supply packaging, products and tools to many local businesses, we do our best to stock quality materials for the challenging demands our Cornish outdoor pioneers require. From nursing tomato plants to harvesting grain we hope our horticultural and outdoor packaging materials and product ranges endure all four seasons year in and year out. We liaise with some of the best in the business when it comes to poly tunnel covers, UVI repair tape and plant protection in the form of windbreak netting and shade. We also appreciate how far a good net goes when dealing with crops and fresh vegetables on a daily basis! So whether you are at the start, middle or end of the horticulture production line/chain our products and packaging should help you bring another year to a successful close.

Market stall vendors, green grocers and food stores will also find carefully picked selection of produce bags, produce boxes, fruit nets and wicketed perforated bags perfect for packing and transporting cabbages and lettuces. We even stock useful items like flower sleeves for any budding florists hoping to grow their business!

If you have any questions regarding any of the industries mentioned then please do get in touch and we will endeavour to get you what you need.

+ Polytunnel Covers | Polytunnels


Polytunnel Covers
From £6.95

Clear plastic polytunnel covers made from high quality 150mu (600 gauge) polythene which is tough and long lasting.

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+ Grass Mats


Grass Mats
From £8.49

Plastic grass mats are a visual accessory for fruit and vegetable stalls. Help create the illusion of the countryside and help promote fresh produce.

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+ Perforated & Wicketed Fresh Produce Bags


Clear polythene bags designed for picking fresh produce.

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+ Black Mulch - UV Treated Polythene Sheeting


Black Mulch
From £0.00

Black UV treated polythene sheeting which is used to help maintain healthy crops by providing controlled environments for them to grow in.

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+ Cloche UVI Film


Cloche UVI Film
From £27.06

UVI protected film which creates a controlled atmosphere in which plants can grown safely and under the right conditions.

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+ Ground Cover | Weed Supression


Ground Cover
From £17.01

Ground cover is designed and tailored for preventing unwanted weeds from bursting through your patio or garden.

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+ Plant Support Net - Strong Green Polypropylene Stabiliser


Plant Support Nets
From £32.00

Strong polypropylene net that is durable and lightweight, offering excellent support for both plants and flowers that require horizontal stabilisation and climbers or vegetables that require vertical support.

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+ Protective Mesh Sleeving | NETLON


Strong plastic mesh tubing is made from low density polythene which tightly wraps around an item offering measurable protection.

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+ Ground Cover Pegs


Ground Cover Pegs
From £6.00

Black plastic pegs have small spikes running down the centre helping to keep the ground cover secure once laid down.

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+ CPK18 - Heavy Duty Knife (18mm)


Strong and durable heavy duty snap-off 18mm cutter knife.

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+ Max HT-B Tapener Hand Tying Tool


Hand tying machine that is designed to apply tape to foliage in order to help plants and trees remain in an upright position offering both support and stability.

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+ Flower Delivery Bags


Flower Delivery Bags
From £8.99

Green bags which can retain moisture and keep plants in a healthy state during delivery.

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+ Floral Foam Bricks


Floral Foam Bricks
From £13.99

Wet bricks are designed for florists to use when creating designs. They provide a method of keeping flowers in place.

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+ Woven Sacks - Polypropylene Sack


Woven Sacks
From £14.10

White woven sandbags made from Polypropylene are strong and versatile in application. Popular in the construction and agriculture trade.

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