Gardening Supplies, Flower Bed Plant Labels, Stands, Name Tags and Holders

Plant Labels, Pegs and Stands

Gardening supplies in the form of plastic plant labels, pegs and various stands to help both gardeners, farmers and green fingered enthusiasts identify different types of flowers, plants and vegetables.

+ Plant Labels - Green


Plant Labels - Green
From £7.99

These plastic green plant labels are designed for inserting before plants in the ground to help identify what species or type of foliage they are.

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+ Plant Labels - White


Plant Labels - White
From £24.50

Small white plastic pegs which slide into soil effortlessly. Perfect for quickly and easily identifying types of plants, flowers and vegetables.

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+ Loop-Lock Labels - White


Plastic plant labels which can be tied around foliage easily. Practical and effortless method for labelling trees

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+ T-Head Plant Labels


T-Head Plant Labels
From £29.99

Easy to spot t-shape labels with a large surface area for writing the names of plants, trees and shrubs.

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+ Angled Head Plant Labels


Tough plastic t-head plant labels but with an angular design.

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