Tape for Maintaining and Repairing Poly Tunnels

Polytunnel Tape | UVI Repair | Anti-Hot Spot Tape

White UVI repair tape and hot spot tape used to fix broken poly tunnels. Highly practical and an essential part of maintaining a healthy stable poly tunnel.

+ UVI Repair Tape | Polytunnel Repair Tape


UVI Repair Tape
From £2.63

Tears in your poly tunnel? Use this tape to patch up your polythene with a near permanent fix. Provides UVI protection against sun exposure.

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+ Anti-Hot Spot Tape | Polytunnel Protection Tape


Anti-Hot Spot Tape
From £6.50

Poly tunnel frames warm up in sunlight, this tape stops the polythene cover melting. Interleave between frame and covers on spots where they touch.

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