Heat Shrink Wrap | Polythene Centre-Fold Film

LDPE Centre-Folded plastic film which shrinks when heat is applied evenly. Thus creating a secure packaging environment for a range of products.

Polythene based shrink film is a thicker option than PVC or Polyolefin and is therefore ideally suited to heavy duty industrial packaging tasks. It is a proven weatherproofing solution that offers good chemical protection resistance and a low water absorption rate. Like all shrink film, you place the products inside of the film and then apply heat with a heat gun which forces the packaging to shrink and mould around the shape of the products within. Although a perfectly adequate solution for pallets and boxes, due to the heating process shrink film is popularly used with irregular shaped items.

The listed product is approximately 94m in length and made from thick 800 gauge (200 micron) polythene.

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