Glue Slugs: 43mm Hot Melt

Various glue formulations which suit all of our 43mm glue guns.

Boxes of 43mm glue slugs which fit our OPTI43 glue gun and most other 43mm systems. Our glue slugs are all hot melt and produced by StickFast for industrial and retail applications.

Product Name FSS MPS HSS
Suitability: Fast Set Multipurpose High Strength
Fast setting stick for bonding card and paper. Ideal for carton sealing and packaging. The most popular glue stick. Use for upholstery, fabrics, plastics etc. Long set time. Higher strength for assembly. Excellent on many plastics, metal and wood.
Description: Superior fast setting hotmelt for rapid closing and sealing of cartons. Ideal for all packaging applications. All purpose hotmelt with medium to long set time. Ideal for a wide range of industrial and general-use applications. Assembly grade hot melt for 'difficult' surfaces. Excellent adhesion and a high molten tack for quick fixing of tile displays, carpet fitting etc.
Set Time: 5-10 Seconds 20-30 Seconds 20-30 Seconds
Set Colour: Tan Clear Amber
Suitable for materials: Cardboard, Wood, Textile, Polystyrene Cardboard, Wood, Textile, Polystyrene, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic Cardboard, Wood, Textile, Polystyrene, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic
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