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Nothing protects better than the original. Sealed Air's secret to a better bubble has always been starting with a full air bubble and keeping a full air bubble. Rolls of AirCap Bubble Wrap are manufactured with an Air Retention Barrier Seal which provides superior cushioning, reduced costs and longer lasting protection, whilst offering a host of environmental benefits.

We sell Sealed Air Air-Cap Bubble Wrap because we believe it always has been, and still is, the best Bubble Packaging money can buy. Bubble Wrap® is actually a trademarked brand of Sealed Air Corporation – the inventors of Bubble Wrap. Much like 'Hoover' became synonymous with all vacuum cleaners (until 'Dyson' came along!), Bubble Wrap has become a generic term covering all manufacturer’s Bubble Wrap offerings. However, not all Bubble Wraps are created equal! We are a distributor for Sealed Air and have been selling Sealed Air Air-Cap® Bubble Wraps® for over 20 years as we consider it to be of the highest quality. Although other manufacturers spend more on marketing and advertising, Sealed Air allocates a huge budget to R&D resulting in them remaining at the forefront of protective packaging innovation. Their Barrier Bubble® technology creates superior cushioning protection for your products. Bubble Wrap® brand protective packaging employs a “barrier layer” which retains air – providing superior, longer lasting protection over other brands.

Sealed Air® Barrier Bubble® Technology Is Better Value

  • Superior Cushioning — Higher initial thickness and fullness provide up to 30% greater protection.
  • Reduced Costs — Less material is required for protection over non-barrier brands.
  • Longer Lasting Protection — Air retention layer maintains consistent cushioning throughout the shipping cycle.

Environmental Benefits

  • Recycled Content — All standard grades contain a minimum of 15% pre-consumer recycled content.
  • Source Reduction — Provides better protection using less packaging material compared to loose fill or paper.
  • Damage Reduction — Eliminates the need to ship replacement products in additional packaging materials.
  • Reusable — Air retention layer allows for multiple reuses.
  • Recyclable — Can be recycled through Sealed Air locations and at many independent recyclers.
+ Bubble Wrap | Individual Rolls | Small Quantities


Not looking for a whole bundle? We also supply individual rolls of Bubble Wrap for those who require them.

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+ Bubble Wrap | 100m Rolls | Small Bubble (10mm)


The 100m length rolls of Sealed Air Bubble Wrap are perfect for those situations requiring smaller quantities, such as moving house.

View Product 8 Variations available
+ Bubble Wrap | Sealed Air | Large 25mm (TL)


Large sized bubble wrap offers a cost-effective protective packaging material for cushioning, packing or void fill purposes.

View Product 6 Variations available
+ Bubble Wrap | Sealed Air | Extra-Large 32mm (DS)


Extra-large sized Bubble Wrap in various width rolls. For applications requiring a packaging material with robust durability and very high-performance cushioning properties.

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+ Perforated Bubble Wrap | Sealed Air | Small 10mm (EL)


Standard sized Air-Cap small Bubble Wrap in various width rolls, offering the same unrivalled Sealed Air performance of our standard rolls, and with the added benefit of uniform tear-line perforations for convenience and time saving.

View Product 1 Variation available
+ Anti-Static Bubble Wrap | 100m Rolls


Small sized Bubble Wrap that has been specifically designed for protecting sensitive electronic and electrical components from damage caused by the harmful effects of static electricity.

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