Polypropylene Strapping Dispensers - Cardboard Cores

These metal dispensers are designed for Polypropylene strapping on cardboard cores which are generally much larger than the plastic core products. Both the mobile trolley dispenser and the static model enable the strapping to be used easily and effortlessly.

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PCS6 - Static Polypropylene Strapping Dispenser https://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_4343_E300_Polypropylene_Strapping_Dispensers_-_Cardboard_Cores_d5530a.jpg
Static Dispenser Accepts: 150/190mm Cores Each ( 1 ) £94.98£89.98£84.98£79.98£74.99 £0.00
PMC80 - Mobile Trolley Dispenser - Polypropylene Strapping https://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_4343_E300_Polypropylene_Strapping_Dispensers_-_Cardboard_Cores_d5530a.jpg
Mobile Trolley Dispenser Accepts: 150/190mm Cores Each ( 1 ) £127.68£120.96£114.24£107.52£100.80 £0.00