Coloured Machine Tape - Hotmelt Polyprop

These machine tapes are produced from a 28mu bi-axially oriented polypropylene backing with consistent performing synthetic rubber-resin based hot-melt adhesives.

This proven construction assures a reliable performance in a range of environments and applications. Suitable for single strip closure of regular slotted containers (standard corrugated boxes). This product performs well throughout all temperatures typically encountered by packaged products in shipping and storage environments, including deepfreeze conditions. Specifically designed rolls for use with carton sealing machinery.


  • Available in a range of colours to aid product identification, colour coding, and presentation.
  • Polypropylene film.
  • Adhesive: synthetic rubber and resins.


  • High conformability.
  • Compatible with moisture after application.
  • Good mechanical strength.
  • Instant adhesion even to irregular surfaces.
  • Resists changes in temperature.


  • Easy to use on irregular surfaces.
  • Long lasting adhesion.
  • Does not unstick during use.
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