Refuse Sacks, Bin Liners and Trash Can Bags

Refuse Sacks / Bin Liners

Plastic refuse sacks in different thicknesses and sizes including fragrant bin liners, wheelie bin liners, black refuse sacks on the roll or in boxes and coloured recycled refuse sacks. All of which are suitable for industrial or home use.

+ Black Refuse Sacks (Bin Liners, Large Black Sacks)


Black Refuse Sacks
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Plastic polythene bin bags available in a large selection of different sizes perfect for storing and transporting rubbish.

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+ Black Refuse Bags - Rolls


Black polythene bin liners packaged in rolls for quick and easy use. Simply pull off the roll and apply when required.

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+ Colourful Recycled Refuse Sacks


Recycled polythene bin liners are economical, environmentally friendly and a practical approach to packaging rubbish.

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+ Fragrant Pedal Bin Liners


17 x 23" Plastic bin liners designed for pedal bins, various colours and options available.

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+ Fragrant Swing Bin Liners


23 x 34" Colourful and fragrant swing bin liners provides a fresher alternative to traditional black refuse sacks.

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