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Bubble Bags - Bubble Wrap Envelopes

We stock a range of high quality Bubble Wrap bags manufactured from Sealed Air AirCap Bubble Wrap. Our bubble bags offer superior, longer lasting protection than cheaper alternatives and the bags retain their shape. Bubble bags provide a fast, convenient, economical, practical and presentable solution whilst offering non-corrosive, moisture resistant, surface protection and cushioning & shock-absorption properties.

All of our Bubble Wrap bags are produced from premium quality Bubble Wrap film which benefits from barrier retention technology resulting in bubbles that do not suffer air loss. AirCap Bubble Wrap is proven to offer prolonged protection compared with non-barrier sealed bubblewraps, and suffers minimal air loss even under weight or stress. Sealed Air's secret to a better bubble has always been starting with a full air bubble and keeping a full air bubble.

We offer 3 categories of these premium bubble bags: Plain, Self-Seal, and Anti-Static Self-Seal.

Plain: Bubble Bags without a self-seal strip but which still incorporate a slight flap on one side of the bag. This ‘stepped entry’ facilitates opening the bag enabling easy product insertion.

Self-Seal: Bubble Bags with a flap on one side of the bag which incorporates a ‘peal and seal’ strip, creating a simple and quick closure.

Anti-Static Self-Seal: As above but produced from anti-static Bubble Wrap and designed for packaging electronic devices and components.

Bubble bags are a highly effective, lightweight packaging product that offers convenient cushioning protection of fragile, delicate or valuable items. We have listed here our most popular industry-standard sizes, however we can supply bespoke bubble bags (or foam bags), so if you require a custom solution please contact us for free advice or a no-obligation quotation.

+ Plain Lip Bubble Bags


Plain Lip Bubble Bags
From £35.60

These premium quality Bubble Bags do not have a self-seal strip, but still benefit from a plain lip (flap). Ideal for closure with tape or a label, or where the bag does not need sealing after product insertion.

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+ Self-Seal Bubble Bags


Self-Seal Bubble Bags
From £22.50

Bubble Wrap envelopes with a self-sealing strip enabling a secure method of packaging products.

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+ Anti-Static Bubble Bags (Electronics)


Anti-Static Bubble Bags are designed for electrical components and computer hardware as they do not generate a static charge during use. Also referred to as Bubble Envelopes and Bubble Pouches.

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