Extensive Range of Quality Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a versatile and proven packaging material that offers both function and fashion! When used for wrapping items it offers protection whilst simultaneously delivering an element of finesse to the merchandise. In addition to gift wrapping, tissue paper can be used for void-fill, crafting, willow paper lanterns, papier-mache, lining and for creating eye-catching shop displays.

We have a large range of tissue papers available, the most popular of which are listed on our site, and include best-white and coloured versions.

+ Colourful Tissue Paper


20 x 30" Machine glazed tissue paper in various colours. Perfect for packaging items, wrapping gifts, void-fill or arts and crafts.

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+ Acid-Free Tissue Paper


Brilliant white, chlorine and acid-free tissue paper. Machine glazed and designed for protecting fragile goods during storage.

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