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Looking for Bespoke Packaging?

We Provide Bespoke Packaging Opportunities


We work closely with a broad spectrum of manufacturing partners enabling us to supply any number of bespoke packaging products. Some of our supplier relationships began when we started in 1975 and continue today, whilst others have formed in more recent years as developments in new technologies, materials and machinery have resulted in new companies being established. Our supplier base is widespread, encompassing manufacturing facilities throughout the world including a large number of operations based in the UK and Europe.



Bespoke printing enables you to promote and advertise your company & products to both new and existing customers. Not only can graphics, logos and text help remind and influence existing customers, they can also help attract and encourage new sales through brand awareness, confidence and visual impact. Having your packaging branded with your company logo, name or other elements helps exude a feeling of high quality which can add a level of reassurance to buyers or even sellers. Brand recognition is also an excellent method of growing a business’s reputation and expanding your customer reach.

Printing can also be utilised to convey product details such as instructions for use, ingredients, or nutritional information; or transit messages such as “Handle with Care” or “Fragile”.  

We can supply a large range of custom printed products, including:

Bags & Sheets – polythene, polypropylene, paper

Sacks – polythene, woven polypropylene, paper

Carrier Bags – polythene, paper, jute & cotton

Boxes, Cartons & Sheets – corrugated cardboard or solid board

Vacuum Pouches



Shrinkfilm / Shrinkwrap

Stretchfilm / Pallet Wrap

Takeaway Cups and other Fast-Food Packaging

Cake Boxes, Pizza Boxes  

In fact, if you are looking for any form of printed packaging we would welcome the opportunity to quote for your requirements, from small print runs (the minimum order quantity varies for each product category) to very large orders. 


In addition to custom printed packaging, we can supply plain or printed bespoke specification products. Customised packaging solutions allow for the perfect fit between product and packaging and will enhance presentation and protection of your products, conveying the professionalism and uniqueness of your brand.

Our capabilities include:

Shrinkwrap / Shrinkfilm – bespoke sizes and thicknesses. In many cases we are able to offer considerable cost savings where customers have been using another supplier’s product. With recent innovations in polymers we can quite often down-gauge the spec yet offer increased strength and puncture- & tear-resistance, with consistent shrink performance.

Cardboard – bespoke sizes, styles and board grades. From quite simple designs through to complex units, we can offer everything from outer boxes with internal inserts, through to pallet box systems and cardboard dolavs with plastic corner pillars. Corrugated board and solid board variants.

Bags – We can supply a ridiculously large range of bespoke bags in polythene, polypropylene or paper, including such styles as: grip-seal; top-tac (peal ‘n’ seal); hook bags; wicketted bags; biodegradable bags; gusseted bags; blockheaded bags; low density bags; high density bags; film-front bags; all-film bags; cellophane bags, etc. etc. – you get the idea!

Sacks – If it’s made from polythene we can supply it! Polythene sacks can be made from a wide range of polymer blends in all different sizes and thicknesses covering every application possible, from a particular use refuse sack through to polythene skip liners. We can also supply bespoke woven polypropylene sacks and bespoke paper sacks.   

Here at Carters Packaging Ltd. we can support you in getting tailored packaging across a wide selection of different products, although please be aware orders will have to meet a specific minimum quantity. We can supply everything from an MOQ, to vendor-managed stock and multi- branch/site delivery.

If you do feel that your business could benefit from bespoke packaging then please contact our friendly and professional team. 

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