Strong Boxes for Assorted Tasks, Storage, Transportation, Postal and Vegetables

Cardboard Boxes, Cartons, Cases & Wraps

Comprehensive range of cardboard boxes, cartons, wraps and other cardboard packaging products for shipping goods, moving home, storing valuables and general transit procedures.


Please be aware that there is a national shortage of cardboard. We are currently running low on multiple box sizes and although we will do our best to fulfil your orders, we may have to do so in stages or provide a limit on what can be delivered. 

If you have any questions or wish to check stock, please call us before ordering.

Cardboard boxes have always been a prerequisite of the packaging world. They are just so practical and cost-effective for so many scenarios plus, they are reusable and 100% recyclable once their job is done.

SW (single wall) boxes refers to the single flute structure. The most affordable option, ideally tailored for use with lightweight goods and for short-term storage.

DW (double wall) boxes refers to the double flute structure. Although more costly the double-wall range boasts a much stronger design capable of handling more weight, harsher environments and provides a more reliable housing option for long-term storage.

Moving home? Check out our carefully chosen "removal boxes", sold individually for purpose instead of in packs. 

We sell top-quality corrugated boxes: by default, our boxes are supplied with a pure Kraft outer lining. The result is a box which is more resistant to bursting or crushing; which accepts tape much more readily and creates a better closure; gives a degree of resistance to damp ingress; is highly suited to a wide range of temperatures; looks good and presents a professional image; lasts longer.

Other types of boxes we stock are:

Pizza Style Boxes Boxes with Foam Long Boxes Bottle Boxes
Archive Boxes Storage Boxes Cubed Boxes Wardrobe Boxes
Surfboard Boxes Waxed Boxes A4 Stationery Boxes Pallet Boxes
Business Card & Compliment Slip Boxes
+ Single Wall Cardboard Boxes / Light Duty Cartons


Lightweight cardboard boxes made from single flute board. Suitable for a range of uses.

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+ Strong Double Wall Cardboard Boxes


Strong double wall boxes designed for heavy, valuable or fragile items and are the traditional long term storage solution for a variety of goods.

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+ Flat Shallow Cardboard Boxes


Flat boxes which focus on being shallow or short. Great for transporting food or other items.

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+ Cardboard Postal Tubes


Designed for sending posters, blueprints and alike through the postal service. Practical as they prevent creases or folds occurring.

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+ Cardboard Produce Boxes


Produce Boxes / Trays
From £19.99

Cardboard carry trays with handles commonly used for storing and transporting fresh produce such as fruit and veg.

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+ Polystyrene Boxes | Food Safe


Polystyrene Boxes
From £0.00

Lightweight polystyrene boxes consisting of both the base and lid. Provides an excellent packaging solution for meats, cheeses and fish.

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+ Removal Boxes | Large House Moving Boxes


Removal Boxes
From £1.25

Moving home? Then this collection of boxes are the perfect solution for your needs!

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+ Bottle Boxes | Strong Double Wall Bottle Cartons


Thick double wall boxes designed for securely packaging bottles (water, wine, oil etc). Perfect for shipping and for storage.

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+ Twisty Pac | Cardboard Wrap


Large and small cardboard twist wraps.

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+ Plain Crash-lock Boxes


Fantastic boxes with a self-adhesive peel and seal strip. Available at a low cost due to stock clearance.

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