BD50 - 50mm Bench Tape Dispenser

50mm Bench Dispenser accepts either one 50mm wide roll, or two 25mm wide rolls. All-metal construction with a rubber base and a host of other benefits....

This bench, desk, or wall-mounted dispenser is suitable for tapes with a 75mm core. It’s increased width enables operation with a single roll of 50mm width tape, such as parcel tape; alternatively, it can hold two separate reels of 25mm width tape, ideal for situations utilising different types of tape such as different colours or a printed and unprinted tape.

This dispenser is versatile – not only can it be used freestanding with its non-slip rubber base, but it can also be screwed down to a bench, or even wall mounted to any vertical or inclined surface.

This heavy-duty dispenser is manufactured with all-metal construction and incorporates an integral tape bridge for easy dispensing and a blade protection cap for increased safety. Additionally, this dispenser is able to cope with standard 66m roll lengths, and the double-length 132m rolls.

Very easy and efficient to work with, this tape dispenser is hardy, reliable, consistent and user friendly – so at the prices, we are selling these it's little wonder that they are a bestseller…!


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