Clear Polythene Bags for Various Uses

Poly Bags | Polythene Bags

Poly bags are one of the most established, practical, and popular packaging solutions available. There have been many packaging innovations over recent years, yet none of these products have been able to supersede the sheer suitability, versatility and affordability of polythene bags.

We have an enormous range of poly bags produced from a multitude of different polymer types covering every gauge, size and style imaginable: Grip-seal bags, garment bags, high-tensile bags, counter bags, bags on roll, perforated bags, wicketed bags, captive-flap bags, the list can be increased ad infinitum! If you cannot find the polybags you require please contact us, we may have a suitable option in stock; alternatively, we have supplier relationships stretching over 40 years and can work with our diverse range of manufacturing partners to supply the correct solution.

+Polythene Bags LDPE 120g (30mic)


Lightweight, clear polythene bags are so versatile and cost-effective.

View Product15 Variations available
+Polythene Bags LDPE 150g (38mic)


Our Lighter duty polythene bags in a range of sizes.

View Product7 Variations available
+Polythene Bags LDPE 200g (50mic)


Clear Poly bags made from LDPE with a medium 200g (50mic) thickness.

View Product6 Variations available
+Heavy Duty Poly Bags LDPE 250g (62mic)


Mid-weight, clear polythene bags in a selection of sizes. These medium duty bags are suitable for a huge array of bagging tasks where a more substantial bag is required.

View Product14 Variations available
+Heavy Duty Polythene Bags LDPE 500g (125mic)


Heavy-weight, clear polythene bags in a selection of sizes. These heavy duty bags are suitable for a huge diversity of bagging tasks where strength and durability are paramount.

View Product13 Variations available
+Food Bags | HDPE Counter Bags


Food-safe bags designed for safely packaging food products.

View Product4 Variations available
+High Tensile Poly Bags


30% Recycled high-strength bags available in white or blue. Suitable for direct contact with food.

View Product10 Variations available
+Polythene Bags Blue-Tint


Series of blue-tint polythene bags, these bags come in a range of gauges and size. Especially effective for food use.

View Product1 Variation available
+Clear Polythene Garment Covers


Garment Covers
From £26.70

Plastic covers for protecting clothes, each one is perforated and contains a small hole in the top for a clothes hanger to be pushed though.

View Product5 Variations available
+Perforated Polypropylene Bags | Printed Warning Notice


Clear plastic bags with a Printed Warning Notice on alerting people to the dangers of suffocation.

View Product3 Variations available
+Perforated Poly Bags


Clear plastic bags with small perforated holes. Available in a range of sizes.

View Product6 Variations available

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