Woven Cord Polyester Strapping

Polyester Cord Strapping

Polyester cord is a synthetic polymer manufactured from petroleum-derived acids and alcohols.

Polyester cord strapping features artificial man-made fibres that are extremely strong and very durable, whilst being resistant to mould, abrasion and most chemicals. Advancements in research and technology have led to the increasing popularity of polyester-based strapping materials which offer a host of benefits in terms of strength, cost and usability. We have polyester strapping available in various formats to suit a range of packaging applications.

We supply extruded polyester (PET) strapping and polyester cord strapping, with both categories containing multiple options of specification. Our polyester strappings are manufactured from premium grade raw materials and additives which create superior packaging products, so whichever appropriate product you choose for your application, our polyester strappings will provide a comprehensive strapping solution which is:

  • Extremely strong, tough and durable.
  • High tension applicable.
  • Resists rusting, rotting or staining.
  • Weather resistant.

To those of a certain age, polyester will induce a cold-sweat panic at the thought of cheap ‘n’ cheerful clothing produced from it in the 1960s and 1970s when it was marketed as the magical fabric that needed no ironing! The fad continued into the 80s where it culminated with the horrific fashion faux-pas of the shellsuit! It took the world nearly three decades to work out that it was in fact a rather uncomfortable fabric to sensitive human skin! Actually, today polyester is making a clothing revival thanks to the discovery of microfibres which gives polyester the feel of silk, with a price tag to match, and many people cannot tell the difference between a polyester fabric and its natural counterparts.  

Leaving aside our little history and popular culture study, industrial polyester is an excellent material for strapping because of the physical characteristics it possesses.

+ Woven Cord Polyester Strapping


Manufactured from premium grade polyester yarns in a woven structure, resulting in a product as strong as steel strapping.

View Product 2 Variations available
+ Composite Polyester Strapping


Composite polyester strapping is manufactured from high-tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating which provides added water resistance and easier handling, in a strapping which is as strong as steel strapping.

View Product 1 Variation available

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