Disposable Gloves, Gauntlets and Builders Gloves

Gloves | Hand Protection

Disposable gloves and hand protection. Available in either powdered or unpowdered latex. vinyl or nitrile.

Great for working with food, medical tasks or general protection. We also have strong rubber gloves, gauntlets and knitted gloves! Basically we stock and supply gloves that can be used for chemicals & cleaning, general maintenance, outdoor work and for protective measures.

Please note: purchasing limitations may apply.

+ Polycotton Latex Coated Knitted Gloves


Industrial grade knitted gloves covered in a protective layer which adds enhanced grip and overall safety.

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+ Industrial Black Latex Rubber Gloves


Heavyweight latex gloves designed for tough industrial tasks with a high resistance to water based chemicals.

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+ Clear LD Polythene Gloves


These gloves are ideal for handling food items.

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