Steel Strapping Safety Cutters

A range of Safety Cutters for use with Steel Strapping, which help to create a safer working environment and ensure you have the appropriate tools for the job in hand.

Some people try to skip buying this piece of equipment and will use all manner of other tools trying to cut their steel strapping in an attempt to save a few quid! The reality is that Steel Strapping Safety Cutters are designed to cut through steel strapping in an efficient, safe and secure manner and are more than worth their money in increased productivity and user safety.

SSC04 – Entry-level Safety Cutters: Ideally suited for combining with the TLS20, FP and FPH tensioners and working with strapping straight from the dispenser. Fairly basic in design, these have no real means of enhanced safety features and should be used carefully but they are still a perfectly suitable method for cutting steel strapping efficiently.

SSC06 - Standard Safety Cutters: Highly popular choice for anyone balancing both quality and budget. These cutters have been designed with rubber pads which clamp down either side of the blade, significantly reducing the potential hazards whilst allowing the strapping to be cut both easily and safely. This tool also features a soft release mechanism after strap shear for even greater operator safety. Ideal for strapping no wider than 25mm.

SSCO8 – Heavy Duty Safety Cutters: The SSC08 is a heavy-duty model and will cope with steel strapping up to 32mm wide. Suitable for heavy duty applications, this Heavy-Duty Steel Strapping Safety Cutter benefits from a soft release mechanism after strap shear for greater operator safety. The design also incorporates rubber pads that clamp the strapping either side of the blade allowing the strap to be cut safely and easily.  Overall, a highly professional tool, one of the safest Safety Cutter options on the market and available at a competitive price.

SSC10 – Heavy Duty Safety Cutters: These heavy duty cutters are a very popular and highly flexible option as they can work with strapping of up to 50mm in width. Designed with extended handles to increase cutting power and keep the operator at a safer distance from strap shear. The SSC10 is a popular choice with timber importers, dock yards and other industrial environments where a Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Safety Cutter is required.

PLEASE NOTE: 18+ YRS ONLY! This item is for people ages over 18 only. We may contact you for proof of age if we deem it necessary.

Steel Strapping Safety Cutters
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