Hand and Machine Stretch Film (Pallet Wrap)

Pallet Wrap | Stretch Films | Hand/Machine

Stretch film is most commonly used to wrap products on pallets and secure them to each other and the pallet.

Pallet wrapping (Stetchfilm) is cost effective, offers superior protection and is adaptable to fit many load applications. In addition to load stability, Stretchfilm offers protection from dust, debris and moisture. It is also used for securing packages and bundling applications. There are a variety of widths, thicknesses, types and even colours, each of which can be tailored for a range of different scnearios.

Each one of our supplied Stretch Films undergoes vigorous quality control measures to help ensure the the specification and grade is consistent, reliable and dependable.

We have been supplying stretch films for 40 years. We supply high quality stretch films which we describe as accurately as possible.

We can split the stretch film category into three major sub-sections: Machine Film Rolls, Hand Film Rolls and Handywrap Rolls. Machine Rolls are used in conjunction with pallet wrapping machines whilst Hand Rolls and Handywrap Rolls are used manually or with the use of a dispenser. 

In recent years ‘equivalent to’ stretch films have been introduced, which claim to be equivalent to traditional films but in much lighter, blended materials with high strength additives. Whilst some of these films are highly innovative products, a large proportion – in our opinion – are simply not “equivalent to” they are just thinner!