Polythene Vest Carriers, Economical Shopping Bags

Vest Carriers | Polythene Carrier Bags

One of the most popular polythene carrier bag types on the market. Vest carriers come in a huge variety of different sizes and strengths. Highly economical and highly functional. After their initial intended use, vest carriers can re-used many times and often people find alternative uses for them such as bin liners or doggy bags, thus reducing the overall use of polythene bags.

+ White Vest Carrier Bags | Polythene Shopping Bag


White polythene vest carriers are your typical economical plastic shopping bag. Extremely versatile and highly popular throughout stores worldwide.

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+ Striped Vest Shopping Carriers


Economical, striped shopping bags made from polythene. Lightweight vest carriers suitable for a variety of products.

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+ Recycled Vest Carrier Bags


Recycled polythene vest style carrier bags, economical and versatile in application.

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+ Degradable Eco-Friendly Vest Carriers


Plastic vest carrier bags that are 100% degradable and more environmentally friendly than other similar shopping bags.

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