Shrink Film Wrapping

Heat Shrink Film | Centre-Fold Shrinkwrap

Clear strong plastic shrink film designed to package and protect a wide variety of products (DVD's, drinks bottles, magazines and toys). Both single wound and center-fold rolls available.

Shrink Film is a plastic material supplied on the roll and used in various industries including food, manufacturing and industrial packaging. Shrink film can be very adaptable and a popular option for packaging, storing and transporting irregular shaped items where boxes or pallet wrap just won't do. The application process is simple enough, wrap enough film around the object then use a heat gun to apply heat which shrinks the plastic down and creates a tight, secure package.

+ Heat Shrink Wrap | Polythene Centre-Fold Film


LDPE Centre-Folded plastic film which shrinks when heat is applied evenly. Thus creating a secure packaging environment for a range of products.

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+ Heat Shrink Wrap | PVC Centre-Fold Film


Clear centre-folded vinyl shrink film (PVC) available in a range of different widths, lengths and thicknesses.

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+ Heat Shrink Wrap | Polyolefin Centre-Fold Film


Food safe shrink film made from Polyolefin which is environmentally friendly and not brittle like PVC.

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