Protective Packaging Materials, Products and Solutions

Protective Packaging Products

A variety of packaging options that provide high quality protection and cushioning for products. Bubble wrap, foam, void fill, paper and cardboard products feature in this category.

Protect your goods using packaging designed to cushion, shield and guard your goods from damage.

Even with the best will and carefully handlers in the world, items are likely at some point going to experience some form of impact, knocks, bumps and (heaven-forebid) the possibility of being dropped, especially when one considers the long journey a product takes from manufacture to reaching you, the customer.

Products packed with either incorrect materials or insufficient protective packaging will inevitably incur some form of damage. This then creates avoidable costs as damaged items mean frustrated and upset customers, product replacements and additional shipping costs involved, plus possible carriage for returning any items.

The psychological response to receiving an inappropriately packaged consignment can be hugely adverse, particularly for a customer placing future orders, even if there is no actual damage. Most sellers would like the recipient to be eager to see their newly acquired item rather than instantly concerned about the packaging and condition of the contents. Customers are less likely to ‘risk it’ again if they know a seller will send poorly packaged merchandise. 

Well-packaged, protected items reflect positively on a business, conveying a professional attitude and message to the receiver. The message being that you care they receive their goods in the best possible condition and take pride in how they are delivered. 

Customer feedback has always been a huge factor, particularly for online sales. A company's reputation is paramount for potential future orders whether from the same customer or different customers who may base their buying decisions on buyer feedback.

Our broad selection of protective packaging will enable you or your business to ensure all products leave your establishment with the best possible chance of being received in good condition. 

We offer protective solutions whether your products require cushioning, padding, bracing, void filling, wrapping, reinforcing, sleeving, or edge & corner protection, and most items are available for immediate despatch, or are deliverable within 5 days. It is worth noting that we can also supply bespoke protective packaging solutions. Please contact us if this is of interest to you.

+Corrugated Cardboard Rolls


Cardboard is an economical, flexible and environmentally-friendly packaging material suitable for surface protection, cushioning, interleaving, padding or void filling.

View Product7 Variations available
+News Offcuts - Packaging papers for wrapping ornaments and Fragile goods when moving home or for packaging fish and chips


News Offcuts
From £17.85

News offcuts are a versatile, economical and eco-friendly solution for use in catering, removals and general packaging applications.

View Product2 Variations available
+Protective Mesh Sleeving | NETLON


Strong plastic mesh tubing is made from low density polythene which tightly wraps around an item offering measurable protection.

View Product7 Variations available

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