Handy Wrap | Hand Pallet Stretch Film

Small-sized rolls of cast stretch film are designed for applications where a narrow film is more appropriate.

Handy wrap is converted from stretch film which is manufactured using the cast extrusion process. Cast stretch film is ideally suited to the handy wrap format as it is less expensive to produce than blown stretch film, yet is easily stretched, has high clarity and unwinds silently from the roll. Handy wrap applications tend not to require the tenacity and resilience that blown film applications demand.

Our handy wrap rolls, also known as stretch film mini rolls, are a trusted and reliable packaging material that is easy to apply, quiet to work with and has excellent transparency. This packaging material is highly versatile and can be used for a multitude of uses, not just for securing goods but also for protecting goods from dust, scratches and moisture. it is commonly used in the picture framing industry; bundling applications such as plastic and metal profiles or timber lengths; securing coiled products; surface protection for windows and frames; single layer pallet wrapping applications and package sealing (secures more tightly than tape, is much easier to remove without leaving any residue or damaging the outer packaging).

Our handy wrap rolls are 100mm (4”) wide with a length of 150m. The brilliance of our handy wrap stretch film is that it stretches by approximately 100-150%, resulting in a very economical form of packaging. Apply by hand or for optimal results, use in conjunction with a little dispenser that enables one-handed dispensing. These simple tools are highly durable and ensure the film can be applied quickly and easily with little effort, a cost-effective accessory that will improve productivity.

Handy Wrap | Hand Pallet Stretch Film
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