Postal packaging including postal boxes, envelopes, postal tubes and labels.

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Postal packaging products including postal tubes and boxes, envelopes, mailers and labels.

+ Documents Enclosed Labels / Pouches


Doc. Enclosed Pouches
From £12.00

Adhesive backed pouches, printed 'Documents Enclosed' to give your despatch a professional look - adhere directly onto boxes or pallets with a very strong tack adhesive

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+ Plain Documents Enclosed Pouches


Plain Document Pouches
From £12.00

Plain packing list envelopes, designed for documents to be enclosed within. Practical for receipts and delivery information.

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+ Grey Mailers


Grey Mailers
From £25.25

Polythene plastic envelopes with tamper evident seals, a popular economical packaging option for postal orientated services.

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+ Cardboard Postal Tubes


Designed for sending posters, blueprints and alike through the postal service. Practical as they prevent creases or folds occurring.

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+ Greeting Card Bags with Peel and Seal Lip


Greeting Card Bags
From £14.18

Clear plastic greeting card bags with a peel and seal lip. Practical, cost-effective and stylish.

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+ Strong Brown Paper Sacks for Potatoes, Fruit and Veg


Paper Sacks
From £14.50

Traditional, Strong Brown Paper Sacks with side gussets suitable for a variety of uses including as mailing sacks, paper refuse sacks, bagging of powders and ground goods, chemicals, cereals etc. Highly versatile as they are supplied Plain Brown (unprinted).

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