Strapping Dispensers and Trolleys

Strapping Dispensers

Our range of high quality strapping dispensers is designed to make the use of strapping simpler, safer, faster and tidier. These inexpensive pieces of equipment are highly practical and beneficial, and will be much appreciated by those personnel carrying out the strapping operation.

Strapping dispensers fall into one of two categories:

Static Dispensers – these dispensers do not have any wheels and are really intended to be positioned in one location. However, they incorporate a carry-handle so can be easily moved about if need be. If the strapping operation regularly occurs at various locations around the site it may be worth investing in several static dispensers, or opting for mobile dispensers which are designed for moving around.

Mobile Dispensers – these dispensers are essentially wheeled trolleys which facilitate the easy movement of the strapping to any location where the strapping operation is taking place. All of our mobile dispensers incorporate a bin for the safe-keeping of seals/buckles, so wherever the strapping goes you can be sure the seals are close at hand!

+Polypropylene Strapping Dispensers - Plastic Cores


A choice of dispensers for polypropylene strapping on plastic cores, ensuring increased efficiency and productivity whilst creating a tidier and safer workplace.

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+Polypropylene Strapping Dispensers - Cardboard Cores


Polypropylene Strapping Dispensers - Cardboard Cores

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+Woven Polyester Strapping Dispensers / Trolley


A choice of dispensers for Woven Cord, Composite Cord or Hotmelt Cord strappings on cardboard cores, ensuring increased efficiency and productivity whilst creating a tidier and safer workplace.

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+Steel Strapping Mobile Dispensers


Mobile dispenser trolleys for storing, transporting and dispensing steel strapping. These dispensers reduce the risk of injury and create a faster, more efficient and more productive packing operation. What's not to like about that?!

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