Steel Strapping

Steel strapping still offers the highest level of tensile strength. Premium quality steel strapping is suitable for demanding applications where high strength and minimal stretch are required.

Despite innovations in the various types of plastic strapping available, there are certain applications where only steel strapping will suffice. Steel strapping is a solid choice for heavier loads that require strapping with serious strength, durability and sustained integrity. Steel strapping’s resistance to elongation ensures stable load containment, whilst its shear resistance lends itself to the strapping of objects with sharp edges which would cut through other strapping materials. Steel strapping is also the strapping of choice for loads which are subject to extreme temperatures, particularly in high-temperature environments.

Our Steel strapping is supplied in two formats:

Ribbon Wound:

Each layer is wound directly over the one below it so that the width of the coil is the width of the core the width of the actual strapping (much the same format as a roll of packing tape). With this format we can only put so much on the roll before the diameter becomes unmanageable; therefore Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping rolls have lower coil weights since they have less strapping on the reel than oscillated steel strapping rolls. This makes them ideal for low to medium-volume users since the rolls are lighter, easier to handle and more cost-conscious.

Mill Wound / Oscillation Wound:

Mill wound strapping is a larger coil than a ribbon wound. The strapping is oscillated uniformly and tightly wound across a 63.5mm core, allowing more strapping to be wound onto the core without the diameter becoming unwieldy. These rolls are heavier and since they contain more linear metres of strapping are suited to larger users wishing to reduce downtime from coil change.  

Steel strapping is used in conjunction with Steel Strapping Tools – please browse our range.

Pallet Quantities: If you are interested in purchasing pallet quantities of any of our strapping, then please do give us a call as we can in most cases offer a favourable reduced rate.

Steel Strapping
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