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Why stick with us? We stock a rich variety of tapes suitable for general purpose, carton sealing and more specialist applications.

Stick with what you know...and we know tapes!

Our range encompasses everything from entry-level polypropylene tapes and paper tapes to floor marking tapes, tensilised strapping tape… and everything in between! Most of our tapes can either be applied with or without a corresponding tape dispenser, and our machine rolls are designed for use with carton sealing machinery.

Packaging Tapes

All of our packaging tapes are ‘Pressure-Sensitive Tapes’ which literally means they are applied with some pressure to help adhesion. With varying attributes, each option of tape offers differing benefits and suitability – if you have any doubt as to which tape would best suit your application, please contact us for advice.

For the uninitiated, here is a brief overview of the tapes in this category to help you find the correct product for your needs.

If you are looking for a good quality, mid-range tape which is not cost prohibitive we would recommend polypropylene tape with hot-melt adhesive.

POLYPROPYLENE – Entry level tapes, the cheapest and most widely used tapes throughout industry globally. Alternative adhesives available such as acrylic or solvent. Available as a low noise version. Water resistant after application, good strength, resistant to changes in a wide temperature range .

PVC – Also referred to as vinyl tape. Premium packing tape, with natural/synthetic rubber & resin adhesives on a PVC backing. Good instant adhesion to a number of different materials. Very good for colder or dusty environments. Silent unwind. Resistant to moisture and humidity after application.

+ Cloth Tape (Pressure Sensitive)


Strong and durable pressure sensitive cloth tape. Very popular for industrial tasks because of its features: water resistant, long-lasting adhesive strength and is highly versatile in application.

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+ Neck Sealing Tape (PVC)


Colourful 9mm PVC tape designed for sealing bread bags around the neck.

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+ Paper Tape | Eco-friendly Tapes


Paper Tape
From £1.60

Brown paper based tape which is environmentally friendly and a great option for general purpose tasks.

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+ Printed Warning Paper Tape


Eco-friendly, pre-printed tape with warning/descriptive messages on.

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+ Printed Message Warning Tape


Printed Warning Tape
From £11.13

Our range of stock printed message tapes are the ideal solution to clearly convey your instructions, be it to couriers & package handlers, customers, internal personnel or suppliers.

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+ Masking Tape


Masking Tape
From £0.36

Pressure sensitive tape which is versatile in application and used for a variety of different tasks including arts, craft, painting and DIY.

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