White Block Bottom Bags

Small volume white SOS block bottom satchel bags with side gussets.

These white Kraft SOS block bottom bags benefit from side gussets and a strong block bottom base, allowing them to stand upright when filled. This range are for fairly small volumes - please check the measurements before ordering, and if required please contact us for a free sample. If you need bigger bags such as grocery-style or 'grab bags' please view our range of White Kraft SOS Bags.

These bags have an element of elegance about them, being manufactured from a crisp 70gsm White Kraft paper. They are similar in style to the type of bags one finds in the bigger pharmacies, although over the years these bigger retails have reduced the thickness of the bags to save costs. Our bags are still produced from the traditional thicker paper and are therefore opaque and cannot be seen through, which adds to their overall classic appearance and results in a pretty substantial strength of bag.

Ideal for confectionary, sweeties, cookies, cakes, popcorn, gifts, pot pourri, nuts, seeds, etc and of course very handy at home or in any pharmacy or chemist! 

We currently have three sizes in stock to choose from, and as a guide we would suggest:

SOSW05 - upto 0.5kg contents

SOSW1 - upto 1kg contents

SOSW15 - upto 1.5kg contents

However, this is only a guide - the old 'feathers or lead' adage has to be considered!

Want custom printed or bespoke sized paper bags? Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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White Paper Satchel Bags 80 + 55 x 230mmhttps://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_110_E300_White-Block-Bottom-Bags_0a2779.jpgSmall volume white SOS block bottom satchel bags with side gussets.
80mm+55mm230mm70gsm3 x 5 x 9"Box ( 1000 )£35.75£33.50£31.70£28.95£26.50£0.00
White Paper Satchel Bags 110 + 60 x 215mmhttps://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_110_E300_White-Block-Bottom-Bags_0a2779.jpgSmall volume white SOS block bottom satchel bags with side gussets.
110mm+60mm215mm70gsm4 x 6.5 x 8.5"Box ( 1000 )£38.50£36.30£34.90£32.70£31.95£0.00
White Paper Satchel Bags 110 + 80 x 310mmhttps://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_110_E300_White-Block-Bottom-Bags_0a2779.jpgSmall volume white SOS block bottom satchel bags with side gussets.
110mm+80mm310mm70gsm4.5 x 7.5 x 12"Box ( 1000 )£50.00£49.15£47.45£45.30£41.95£0.00
Recyclable Yes

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