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We supply high quality, high performance vacuum pouches and bags manufactured in multi-layer barrier films by BRC accredited suppliers. Our capabilities and expertise is extensive. You will find our most popular vacuum pouches listed on our website, however we are also able to supply a comprehensive range of options so please contact us should you require a particular product.

Vacuum pouches and bags, in conjunction with vacuum chamber machines, are predominantly used in the food industry to extend the shelf life of foods by removing the oxygen from within the package. By eliminating the oxygen, vacuum packing limits the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi and prevents the evaporation of volatile components; ensures correct long-term storage conditions of dry foods such as cereals, cured meats, smoked fish, coffee, and cheese; and preserves the freshness of fresh foods such as meats, fish, shellfish, fruit & vegetables, and herbs & spices.

The process of vacuum packing has the further benefit of reducing the bulk and volume of the items being packed.

Vacuum pouches are also used in non-food applications where moisture and oxygen barrier properties are required, particularly in the medical and pet food industries.

Vacuum pouches can be sealed with standard heat sealers, so they can be used as 'standard' packing bags where vacuuming is not required but the barrier properties are.

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We can supply:

  • Flexo-printing up to 10 colours.
  • Tinting.
  • Euroslot and round hole punched pouches.
  • 3-Side Seal, 2-Side Seal, Tubular, and even Side-Gusset pouches!
  • High Barrier EVOH pouches are suitable for MAP packaging.
  • Multi-layer construction – right up to 14 layers!
  • Various thicknesses up to 200mu.
  • Tear-notch pouches.
  • An enormous range of sizes – up to 4400 x 1350mm!
  • Pouches for pasteurisation, boiling, and sterilization.
  • Grip-Seal pouches.
  • Anti-block, anti-fog, antistatic, UV stabilised pouches.
  • Boneguard pouches
  • Boilable 'Sous Vide' pouches

Our vacuum pouches:

  • Are strong and durable with superb puncture resistance.
  • Possess excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties.
  • Retain freshness.
  • Retain flavour.
  • Lock in aromas.
  • Repel external influences.
  • Retain and improve the appearance of products within.
  • Possess outstanding sealing properties.
  • Possess excellent formability.
+ Gold Vacuum Pouches


Gold Vacuum Pouches
From £99.00

Traditional plastic vacuum pouches with a gold backing to help raise visual quality and overall appeal. Fantastic packaging option for fish, sliced cheeses and cooked meats like ham and salami.

View Product 1 Variation available

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