Foil Trays | Foil Containers

Aluminium Foils can adapt to be both trays or containers with the aid of optional lids, this section includes your traditional takeaway packaging choices.

Square and rectangle-shaped foil trays which are extremely popular as they are an ideal packaging solution for fast-food products. Favoured shapes and sizes are shown here, all are disposable and easy to work in fast-paced environments. Often used to package hot food products like curries, chow mein, cooked meats, rice and noodles. These foil trays are often quite deep come with optional lids; the lip of the foil can then be turned over to secure the lid in place.

Please note: lids are sold separately so please ensure you add them if you need them.

  • Cost-effective.
  • Easily stackable.
  • Provides an insulated environment.
  • Widely recycled but MUST BE WASHED.

Due to low stock, please call us on 01209 204 777.

Foil Trays | Foil Containers
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